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Recent findings show how obesity kills.

  Are Animals Just Food?

Are you aware of what is going on in the animal industry? If you have the courage to find out, you will be astonished and sickened and most likely changed forever. How can this be happening in our country?  See for yourself at Factory Farming.


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The quickest way to get around our site is to use our Site Map.  Below you will find a link to every web page in our site and a brief description of the page. We have ordered them in a logical sequence to make it easier for you to follow the simple steps toward ultimate health.

You can always come back to the Site Map from any of these pages and continue on your healthy journey.  

About Us: Who we are and why we are interested in promoting a healthier lifestyle.
   Why we got into this, what we learned along the way, what our mission is.  You can skip this and go right to getting started on your journey to good health.

Basics: The basics of good health
   This is where we suggest you start.  Get the Basics first and then move on.  Go at your own pace.  Remember, it's your body and only you live in it.  Make sure you know what it needs, how to provide it with the ingredients necessary to maintain vigorous health.

Cell Health:  Where all good health begins.
    Find out what the cells of your body need.  Whole body health begins at the cellular level.  A whole body is only as healthy as its individual cells.

The Standard American Diet
   What are we eating in America?  Why does it matter what we put in our mouths?  What is going on in the industries that promote our Western diet.  What foods are good and useful for our bodies, what foods are not and why.

Need to know what your human body is and how it functions?  Most of us don't even have the slightest information about the fleshly coat we live in.

Diseases:  What is the main reason we get diseases?
   Are all diseases hereditary?  What role does diet play in disease? (This page is still under construction and will be up soon.)

   What impact on the human body does animal flesh have?  How does our body process it?  Do we need animal flesh for protein?  What is the link between animal flesh and heart disease, osteoporosis, acid reflux, high blood pressure, cancer, colon disease, obesity and more?

Do we really need cows milk for protein?  What is the link between cows milk and breast cancer, diabetes, allergies? 

 Did You Know?
The ingestion of cow protein causes your white blood cell count to go up?  Cows milk causes the production of mucous in the human body, which is trying to kill it because it does not recognize it as human 'food'. 

Many allergies, runny noses, congestion, ear infections, and more (is the incurable "common cold" really a reaction to cow protein"?  Is that why we can't find a cure for the common cold?) are linked to cows milk.

Did You Know
Studies now show a link between breast cancer and diabetes to cow milk consumption.    

Find out more on our Dairy page.


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Due to our recent move, our web update has been delayed.  Check back soon for our recent hot links.

Last update: 02/16/2012

  What Price Ignorance

Is our ignorance harming us physically? What is the price we will pay for our ignorance? Is sickness really 'normal'? Should we consider it just part of being human? Have we been brainwashed, deceived, exploited? If you think that your health really matters to companies trying to sell you something, you had better think again. All that matters to them is your money. Have we fallen victim to the "victim" mentality as though we are not responsible for what happens to us, someone else is? Someone else should know better, the doctors, the drug companies, but not us. Being told that you have a disease is devastating. Why do we wait until it happens? Can we really prevent sickness and disease? If so, how? Is it hard? Costly? Time consuming? Am I willing to make a commitment to being healthy no matter what it takes? Do I have to eat tasteless food to be healthy? Do I have to jog a mile every day? How much do I have to change in my life to avoid sickness and disease? Will I be considered different than everyone else? What do we do? Where do we go for answers to our questions? We have asked these questions and more. This site contains the answers we have found. We hope that as you read through our site, you will find that you really don't have to be sick. You can be healthy and it's not as hard as you think. You don't have to conform, you can be different. Food is critical to life and health and should not be an area of compromise.
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