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"We couldn't help but remember how our mother had chided us for years for feeding commercial kibbles to our pets.  "It's not real food," she used to tell us.  "In Europe, we fed our dogs and cats the same foods we ate."  And then she'd ask, "Do you think you'd be healthy today if I'd only fed you overcooked cereal?" 
Oma's Pride

Healthy Pets

What about your best canine and feline friends?  We have some links to get you started, just scroll down the page.  




Our newest herbivore family member, Leo's Lady Trouble!  We have posted some pictures for our friends and family, but you might like to enjoy them as well.  She is poetry in motion! Her beauty is matched only by her personality. She won our hearts and I'm sure you'll see why she caught our eye.  Click on her picture to visit her page.

Brandy our Rhodesian Lab mix.
Over the rainbow bridge 2010.  We miss her every day.

Lady, our Palomino Quarter Horse

 Once we found that raw plant foods were healthier for us as humans, we began to look at our pets diet.  We couldn't help but wonder, should our pets really be eating cooked, processed commercial foods with ingredients that are not designed to nourish their bodies?  What is the natural carnivores diet?  We thought of the wolf, our dogs chemical and biological equivalent.  The wild dog, or wolf, does not cook it's food, it eats it raw, bones and organs and all.  It's natural prey is herbivore, plant eater, and it also consumes the stomach contents of it's prey, thereby getting semi, or undigested raw plant foods.  So we began to search for information about changing our dogs diet to a healthier canine diet.  Below you will find links to many wonderful sites with expert information on how to feed your best friend and give him a healthier, longer, more enjoyable life for both of you.  

Cats are strictly carnivorous and require more stringent meat diets.  Some of the sites listed below offer help with your feline friends as well.  Our Navi boy in the window. Favorite bird watching spot.

Scanner-iphone1-16-12Bills_iphone 207sm.jpg (559058 bytes)

Nahtiri, his sister, joins him.

Scanner-iphone1-16-12Bills_iphone 205sm.jpg (708141 bytes)

Keeping them healthy and fit is our responsibility. Cheap, convenient commercial foods do not supply them with what they need to stay healthy.  Vet bills can add up to hundreds and thousands of dollars to treat cancer, arthritis and other diseases brought on by poor nutrition.  We want our pets to live as long as possible and good nutrition has given us many more years of companionship.
Our Beagle Patches with our bulldog mix Amber, 9 years ago, at their prime, ages 5 and 7.

patchesamber.jpg (277141 bytes)Over the Rainbow Bridge together, Feb. 2012

In Memorium: Patches and Amber, old age caught up with them. We look forward to seeing them again where there is no aging, no suffering, no pain. 

Give Your Dog A Bone, Dr. Ian Billinghurst, Australian veterinarian, leader in promoting a healthier bones and raw food diet for our dogs. BARF is about feeding dogs properly. The aim of BARF is to maximize the health, longevity and reproductive capacity of dogs and by so doing, minimize the need for veterinary intervention. How do you feed a dog properly? You feed it the diet that it was designed to eat. Its natural diet. A Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet. A BARF diet.  

(Note: We took in dogs that were at death's door, brought them back to prime health and added years to their lives that they wouldn't have otherwise had, by feeding them a healthy diet of raw meat and veggies.  We were happy to see the infections stop as their immune systems grew stronger.  We fed our dogs a premium product we purchased from Pet Orlando.  Tell Deb Laurie Craig recommended them.)

K9joy Whole dog health

Aunt Jeni's Home Made 4 Life 

Nu Dimensions Nutrition 

Raw Food Sites A gateway to many BARF sites

Pet Grub If you are wanting to learn the simple secrets of making natural homemade pet food (raw meat diet), then you have come to the right place.

Pets for Life Just as the company name suggests we want to keep your pets healthy for their entire lifetime. Pets are our responsibility to keep healthy, happy and safe. Pets 4 Life is owned and operated by award-winning entrepreneur Trina Nowak. Trina is an animal nutritionist, who holds a Bachelor Degree in Animal Science (B.Sc. Agr.) specializing in animal nutrition.

Riveriene Farm  

Natural Pet Food

Precious Pets
Raw food mixes for your dogs from Oma's Pride™ is a division of  Miller Foods, a Connecticut-based, family-owned and operated business.  Our USDA-inspected and approved meat-processing facility has been producing top quality meat and poultry for the restaurant industry for nearly fifty years. Our interest in raw diets for pets developed several years ago when one of our beloved Golden Retrievers became seriously ill.  We couldn't help but remember how our mother had chided us for years for feeding commercial kibbles to our pets.  "It's not real food," she used to tell us.  "In Europe, we fed our dogs and cats the same foods we ate."  And then she'd ask, "Do you think you'd be healthy today if I'd only fed you overcooked cereal?" As we searched for ways to help our dog, we learned a lot more about nutrition for small animals.  And we realized that our Mom was right -- raw meat and bones, along with a little bit of fruit and vegetables, were the diet nature intended for our furry family members.  So we threw out the kibble and started feeding the raw meats and bones we had so readily available to us.  When friends and customers heard about how we were feeding our own animals, they asked us if we'd sell them the same meats and bones we were using.  And so began our Oma's Pride line of natural pet food.


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Canine by Design

"For anybody who understands just a minimum of biology, it is obvious that different species thrive on different food...It is genetically programmed...If not the species would not survive very long! Only when there is a good match between what the individual animal wants to eat, what its gastrointestinal system actually can digest, and what its body needs, will it have a chance for survival."
Mogens Eliasen
Author Raw Food For Dogs - The Ultimate Reference for Dog Owners
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