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"If we want to know how to maintain wellness, we must first understand how we are made, how our body is designed to heal itself, and what foods God created for our bodies to function properly."
Rev. Malkmus
God's Way to Ultimate Health

"Now this is the simple, but profound teaching I want to share. It seems to me that God has created a magnificent human body and then every perfect provision for its growth, maintenance and repair of tissue (healing), without any opportunity for a physical or chemical conflict."
Dr. Mary Ruth Swope
Green Leaves of Barley

Cell Environment

Cells trying to live in a polluted environment can't function properly to maintain body and bodily systems at peak.

 Cells require certain internal and external conditions in order to maintain health.  
  1. Temperature: 98.6 Degrees.  Temperatures over 104 degrees or below 77 degrees begin to damage cells.
  2. An Acid/Alkaline balance 7.4pH. Cell pH 7.35 - 7.45 narrow range. Enzymes within the cell are affected by pH.  If the acid or alkalinity is too high, function is impaired or ceases. Diseases flourish in an acid environment.  
      - Plant foods = alkaline
      - Animal foods = acid
  3. Pure air (oxygen) and water.  The principal fluid medium of the cell is water. Inadequate amounts of water hinders the action of electrolytes (minerals and charged particles), the production and functioning of hormones, the digestion of food and other cell activities.  Cells are dependent upon the extra-cellular fluid around them to carry oxygen from the lungs to the tissues and to remove carbon dioxide. 
  4. Necessary Minerals.  Copper deficiency has been linked to lower immune system resistance.  Zinc is also an extremely important immune stimulant, specifically promoting T cell immunity.  Plants provide minerals in the most assimilable form for the human body.
  5. Freedom from stress.  Drugs and other toxins.  All drugs are toxic and have multiple, negative, side effects on the body.  Other toxins from the processing of improper foods and chemicals in the environment all cause stress on cells.  Cells require a stable state (homeostasis) in order to function properly.  

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  Cell Recipe
"There is a recipe in every cell - put there by God to tell it how to reproduce itself, to energize itself, to empty itself of waste and to heal itself when attacked by 'foreigners'".
Dr. Mary Ruth Swope
Green Leaves of Barley
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