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"...almost all chemical substances and environmental pollutants have carcinogenicity - the ability to produce cancers of many types.  70% of carcinogens are nitric compounds, which are petroleum solvents."
Dr. Mary Ruth Swope
Green Leaves of Barley 


"P4D1 has been found to have an anti-peptic ulcer and anti-inflammatory function but with no side effects."
Dr. Mary Ruth Swope
Green Leaves of Barley



Super-oxide Dismutase
"Research has clearly shown SOD's major role in human nutrition is to fight devastating effects of superoxides, the chemical name for a host of villains called "free radicals". 
Dr. Mary Ruth Swope
Green Leaves of Barley



The study of enzymes (enzymology) has brought us to this incredible plant.  Dr. Hagiwara says that the juice from the young barley plants contains several hundred types of enzymes corresponding to those found in the human body cells. 

This page is still under construction.  Information on the nutritional value of green leafy vegetables, in particular barley grass, is in process and will be available soon.  You don't want to miss this information on the amazing nutrient rich barley plant.

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The Barley Plant

"A recent discovery adds more importance to our daily need for green vegetables. When man (or animals) eat green plants, the blood molecules of the plant can become the blood molecules of man by a process biochemists call porphyrin biosynthesis. This then is the clincher. God in His infinite wisdom provided perfectly for the self-repairing, self-rejuvenating, self- energizing of the physical man through chlorophyll - the blood of the plants."
Dr. Mary Ruth Swope

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