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"Before I learned I had heart disease, I didn't pay a great deal of attention to nutrition. I had heard it was better to use margarine than butter, better to use olive oil or canola oil than lard, and better to eat chicken than beef. I ate what was supposed to be better and I still got heart disease."
Dr. Neal Pinckney,
Healing Heart Foundation
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Our recipes section is a new addition to our website and is still under construction.  We are starting with one of our favorite eggplant recipes. We will feature a recipe of the month, the first of which is included below.

 You can also find hundreds of wonderful, healthy, raw, vegan/vegetarian recipes elsewhere on the web.  We have some links on the left to get you going.

All of our recipes, or those that we recommend, will have no animal products in them. There are so many wonderful plant-based substitutes these days that there really is no reason to eat animals!


Eggplant Potato Roll-ups 

Recipe of the month:

One of our personal favorites!

Stuffed Avocado a' Laurie
(Serves two)

1 medium sized avocado
1/4 large red pepper, or 1/2 medium, chopped fine
3 large cauliflower florets, chopped fine
1/4 large, or 1/2 medium cucumber, peeled, seeded and chopped fine
4 heaping tbs Vegenaise (Vegenaise comes in soy based or grapeseed oil)
2 tsp stoneground spicy brown mustard
1 large green spicy olive, chopped fine
Vegetarian Pate*
Herb crackers (vegan, no dairy products please!)
Organic jumbo green seedless raisins

Stuffing mixture:
Mix Vegenaise and mustard in a bowl. Stir in the red pepper, cauliflower, cucumber and olive. Stir until mixed well.

To Serve:
Cut avocado in half, remove seed, peel and lay on bed of red lettuce inside up (if not available use green leaf, romaine or kale).  Spoon stuffing mixture into seed cavity of avocado, allow some to overflow on to lettuce. Top with parsley.  

On separate serving plate arrange crackers with pate in center. Circle the pate with raisins (they make great finger food and add a touch of sweetness to the meal).


Variations: Add sunflower or pumpkin seeds to the stuffing.  Arrange sliced tomatoes, orange, red or yellow peppers around the avocado.  Or add the raisins to the stuffing mix instead of putting them on the side.

*Bonavita, a Swiss product, is distributed by a German company, Liberty Richter-a Division of Tree of Life, Inc. You should be able to find it at your local health food store. Or visit their website for more information. They also have recipes on their site, but many call for animal products. You can easily substitute with healthier products..

NOTE: At this time we do not have Nutritional Facts on our recipes.  This will be a future improvement.

Live Long and Be Healthy!



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  Healthy Info

"Most health problems, including heart disease, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis and symptoms of aging can be avoided with good nutrition and fitness."
Dr. Ruth Heidrich, Ph.D.
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