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"Inside every wild horse is a gentle horse. And inside every gentle or domesticated horse is a wild horse. Never, ever, forget this. You can't change millions of years of nature's programming. You can't force a horse to like you, you have to convince him that you are his friend, his leader, and a part of his herd, even though you look like a predator."  Pat Parelli

  Horse Psychology
"To understand the psychology of the horse you need to understand his perspective on survival. Almost every reaction is based on this need to survive. ..there are only four things that are important to horses: 1. safety, 2. comfort, 3. play, and 4. food. 

Once a horse knows he is safe, he will put effort into staying comfortable. If he feels both safe and comfortable, then he will play. Horses are extremely playful, social animals. " Pat Parelli

Greeneville, TN

Scanner12-23-11 004sm.jpg (600115 bytes)
Lady looking over her new domain.


Our retirement location of choice!  And what a beautiful place it is.  Rolling hills, mountain views, 13 acres of healthy grass, a 12 stall barn, 1500sqf apartment attached, the property has so much potential.  We are blessed by God to be here.  It's a dream come true.  We hope you enjoy browsing through the photos below.

The girls are settling in to their new surroundings here in Tennessee, but there are many new sights and smells for them to get used to.  The climate is much colder than they were used to in Florida, but so far they have amazed me at how well they are dealing with it.  We have seen them shiver sometimes and we had to give them a warm bran mash and an extra blanket, but I'm so happy that they have not gotten sick.  We recently had temps in the teens and they came through it just fine, with 3 blankets!  A few of our cats have the sniffles, and they don't even go outside.  The barns up here are made with spaces between the boards to stand up to the strong winds, but still it is always about 2 to 6 degrees warmer in the barn.  We hope next winter we won't have to blanket them.  But we have a lot to learn about having horses in this area of the country.  I'll be adding pics and comments from time to time, so please come back now and then to see new updates.

(Click on thumbnail size pics to view larger image.)

movein-sm.jpg (874546 bytes)

Our new home.  Moving in day. It took 24 hours to get here!

The girls arrive safe and sound. Thank you Jerry of Painted Horse Transport!

girlsarrivesafe.jpg (726941 bytes)
Foggy, chilly morning.

wpe4.jpg (346585 bytes)

Phonenov2011 107.jpg (1611278 bytes)

They love this Tennessee grass!

Phonenov2011 122.jpg (1626637 bytes) 

The barn aisle is full of our stuff!

Phonenov2011 126.jpg (2339400 bytes)

The sun comes out and it's easier to see the beauty of the area we now call home.

Phonenov2011 151.jpg (2019877 bytes)

Making themselves at home.

Scanner1-15-12 009.jpg (812464 bytes)

What is that white stuff?  Lady's first encounter with snow!

Scanner1-15-12 022.jpg (765000 bytes)

Snow is not bad.  Something new to roll in!

Scanner12-23-11 046.jpg (1535721 bytes)

Bill and his girl Rose.

Scanner-iphone1-15-12 099.jpg (2709960 bytes)

Snow in the front yard!  Haven't seen snow in many years!

Scanner-iphone1-15-12 029-sm.jpg (581905 bytes)

Across the street looking back on the pole barn and concrete building on the main property.

Scanner-iphone1-15-12 034.jpg (2960538 bytes)

Bill with the girls across the street in the one acre property.

Scanner-iphone1-16-12Bills_iphone 047.jpg (2192569 bytes)

Before the leaves fell and the snow came. 

Scanner-iphone1-16-12Bills_iphone 057.jpg (2012153 bytes)

Always curious, Lady wants to know if Bill has something she can eat too!

Scanner-iphone1-16-12Bills_iphone 059.jpg (1947387 bytes)

Something for Rose too.

Scanner-iphone1-16-12Bills_iphone 165sm.jpg (507432 bytes)

So much grass to eat!

Scanner-iphone1-16-12Bills_iphone 172sm.jpg (498390 bytes)

Farmer Bill enjoying the tractor that pulls the manure spreader.

Scanner12-23-11 071sm.jpg (752519 bytes)

The creek along the pasture across the street. When it rains it becomes a river of churning, roaring water.

Scanner12-23-11 141sm.jpg (851008 bytes)

What is that?  Looks like something fun to play with!

Scanner-iphone1-15-12 054.jpg (853566 bytes) 

Look at those mountains! This is on Blue Jay, the road that runs parallel to ours.  The views of the mountain range is breathtaking!

Scanner-iphone1-15-12 066sm.jpg (783790 bytes)

Birds flocking to fly south.  When they all take off at the same time, the sound from their wings is like an airplane taking off!

Scanner12-23-11 017sm.jpg (625076 bytes)Beagle Heaven! Patches loves to sit out front and enjoy the sights and smells. Scanner-iphone1-16-12Bills_244sm.jpg (859181 bytes)All the leaves are gone and the sky is grey.
Scanner-iphone1-16-12Bills_101sm.jpg (695226 bytes)Beautiful leaves before they fell. Lady hanging out in the front yard. Scanner-iphone1-16-12Bills_100sm.jpg (573706 bytes)Lady and Rose enjoying the green grass in the front yard. We had to introduce them gradually to TN rich grass.
Scanner-iphone1-16-12Bills_052sm.jpg (821863 bytes)Finally they get to enjoy the back pasture starting with the hill beside the barn. See those mountains in the distance? Scanner-iphone1-16-12Bills_165sm.jpg (507432 bytes)After many freezes, the grass is still green on our property. 
Scanner-iphone1-16-12Bills_222sm.jpg (562517 bytes)In Rose's stall, you can see Lady's stall across the aisle. Scanner-iphone1-16-12Bills_198sm.jpg (894250 bytes)Strike a pose, Rose! She chose the doggie's bed as a backdrop! What a celeb!  She is a Native Dancer descendant! 
Scanner1-15-12 003sm.jpg (254590 bytes)More fun in the first snowfall. Lady shakes her head, tries to bite it. What fun! Scanner-iphone1-15-12 100sm.jpg (869755 bytes)Another snowy pic. A cold, grey day!  But beautiful in it's own way.
290867_2707317135024_1619690146_2510273_401302543_o.jpg (154858 bytes)Bill's daughter visits with her kids, Jordan, Jackie and Daniel. His granddaughter Jackie gets a lesson from grandpa on how to handle Rose. 321737_2707321495133_1619690146_2510278_433247995_o.jpg (94911 bytes)Bill's granddaughter Jordan gets her first lesson in natural horsemanship with Lady.
324889_2707320095098_1619690146_2510277_1982891346_o.jpg (201744 bytes)Jordan learns the circle game with Lady.  324989_2707321775140_1619690146_2510279_542643813_o.jpg (202520 bytes)Jordan learns the command for Lady to back up. Wiggle that finger!
328061_2707310014846_1619690146_2510267_1859010889_o.jpg (207392 bytes)Jackie learns how to tell Lady to back up.  328441_2707309454832_1619690146_2510266_756392272_o.jpg (195108 bytes)That's how you do it!  She is a natural, with a little help from Lady, the expert.
338397_2707312094898_1619690146_2510268_582769419_o.jpg (217978 bytes)Jordan plays Friendly Game with Lady, who loves the attention. 413608_2707303894693_1619690146_2510262_246705788_o.JPG (525074 bytes)Jackie has no problem getting Lady's cooperation on the Circle Game.
414328_2707317655037_1619690146_2510275_1851329563_o.jpg (121911 bytes)A little explanation to Jordan on the Circle Game. 414370_2707312494908_1619690146_2510269_832110652_o.jpg (123039 bytes)Grandpa Bill gives Jackie some help with Rose.
414699_2707304454707_1619690146_2510263_2043384041_o.JPG (543395 bytes)Lady is really good at figuring out what you want, even when you aren't sure about how to tell her.  What a good girl. 326503_2710418812564_1619690146_2511827_311570757_o.jpg (207363 bytes)The next day, Jackie gets a ride on Lady.
329192_2710415172473_1619690146_2511824_487186321_o.jpg (194168 bytes)Girls and horses go together like apple pie and ice cream!  332297_2710432132897_1619690146_2511836_1815958028_o.jpg (117523 bytes)Safety first. Lady is a little shaky on her feet on this day.  It was bullnettle berries, a member of the nightshade family, very toxic, causes muscle tremors. When the vet told us, we pulled her out of the pasture across the street until we could get all the berries out of there.  
337028_2710423372678_1619690146_2511830_184917521_o.jpg (214797 bytes)A smile is worth a thousand words! Daniel.JPG (633347 bytes)Daniel.  Not so much into horses, but loves history. He knew a lot about Andrew Johnson!  


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Due to our recent move, our web update has been delayed.  Check back soon for our recent hot links.

Last update: 02/16/2012

  News and Updates

We recently had a visit from Bill's daughter, Kelly, and her kids, Jordan, Jackie and Daniel.  See some of the awesome pics below.  We look forward to their visit this summer and more fun horse games!

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